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How protective are you?
How protective are you over the ones you love or care for?
personality test

1(Guys) A friend of yours has a boyfriend who beats on her, and you see it happening what do you do?
Grab your friend by the hand and run off with her to safety
Yell at her boyfriend from a distance to stop
Go up to the boyfriend and fight him
Put the boyfriend in the hospital
Disable the boyfriend, make sure your friends allright, comfort her
2(Girls) You know for a fact a friend of yours' girlfriend is cheating on him, What do you do?
Tell him the truth and comfort him
Call out his girlfriend and make her tell him the truth
Fight his girlfriend and make her tell him the truth
Do nothing
Tell him the truth and leave it at that
3(Both) You see someone getting mugged in an alley, What do you do?
Call 911
Run and help the man, even though you can't fight
Fight the guy and make sure he won't hurt anyone again
Put the man on the ground and make sure the guy is allright
Hit the guy until he's a bloody mess
4(Guys) Someone calls your sister a b*tch, What do you do?
Drive your sister home and make sure she's ok
Fight the guy, and make him kiss your sisters feet
Embarrass the guy in front of everyone
Hit the guy until the cops come to pry you off of him
Choke the guy out, and make sure your sisters ok
5(Both) A fried just got knocked out in a fight, What do you do?
Run and make sure your friends ok
Drive your friend to the nearest Hospital
Call the guy out and fight for your friend
Rush up on the guy and fight him
Call the cops

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