A terrorist attack on a similar scale of 9/11 occurs near your location. Do you have the preparation, knowledge, skills, and perseverance to make it through? Quiz Who's Online | Find Members | Private Messages
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Could You Survive The Next Big Terrorist Attack?
A terrorist attack on a similar scale of 9/11 occurs near your location. Do you have the preparation, knowledge, skills, and perseverance to make it through?
personality test

1You hear an a very loud sound that wakes you up in the early morning. It sounds like an explosion in the distance. What do you do?
Probably just a car accident. You're a bit sympathetic, but you go back to sleep mostly unaffected.
Probably just lightning. Don't care.
Probably something else that doesn't concern me. Ignore it.
This sounds serious. Maybe I should get out of bed.
Panic, but there's nothing you can do about which make you panic more.
2You hear fire trucks approach and you hear even more explosions now. What do you do?
This could potentially harm me. I should get out of bed
I'm mostly invested in what's goung on now. I simply look out my window.
Ignore it
3You decided to go outside where everyone is looking at the chaos a few blocks away. Suddenly, you see a man in a hood take off from a house that blows up. You're okay, but what do you do now?
This is some sort of coordinated attack. Time to pack up some things and expect the worst.
Go back inside and barricade myself in my home.
Investigate/ Try to get some clues
Call the police
4From the news you gather that terrorists are bombing important buildings, and bridges in the city as well as people's homes to send a political message. You fear the worst for your neighborhood. What do you do?
Pack up the essentials and head out somewhere safe, presumably to an army base.
Pack up and barricade myself inside, expecting hell for the next few hours
Meet with some family and/or friends and hunker down for the next few hours
Call the police, even though they may be incredibly busy at the time
5The National Guard have arrived. They are hunting down potential terrorist suspects and are evacuating potentially targeted neighborhoods. They haven't reached you yet, what do you do?
Seek them out. They may have the best options for protection and safety
Wait for them to find me.
Ignore them and plan to survive on your own
6You find a bag. It has two pistols, a knife, a flashlight and a first aid kit inside, presumably from a person who forgot it in the shuffle. What do you do?
Take it. I can use it all later
Take it, though I have little to no experience with weapons
Ignore it
Give it to someone else who is more experienced
7You see some questionable people in hoods approaching you. What do you do?
Fight them off.
Alert the police or national guard if they're around
Band together with others and fend them off
8Suddenly, a building explodes, raining debris and fire down everywhere. It looks like its on the verge of collapse, what do you do?
Get out of there
Seek shelter/Get somewhere safe
9A news reporter has got a hold of you and wants to ask you a few questions about what you know so far, but you realize that there's some gunfire in the distance, what do you do?
Politely them him/her that this isn't the time and ask them to leave as well
Ask a few questions before telling them to leave as well
Ignore them
Tell them everything
10The power goes out for numerous blocks. What do you do?
Seek shelter immedately
Go somewhere that still has power
Wait until power is restored
11You hear that there's a makeshift command center with supplies, doctors, protection and power, but it's some time away from your position and it's amidst gunfire, looting, and panic. What do you do?
Make a break for it anyway
Find somewhere closer
Ignore it. It's probably a trick
Wait to be rescued
12A man suddenly comes up to you and ask for your help with his pregnant wife and children. What do you do?
Help him
Ignore him. Very little people can be trusted in this crisis
Guide him to someone who can better help him
Ask him to show you where his family is, but remind him that you're armed
13During the attack on your city, you see some men in hoods attack a woman. What do you do?
Help her
Threaten them from a distance
Ask for help
Ignore her
Call for the police

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