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Which anime character are you?
Just did it because it has to do with your personality and all.
personality test

1Okay everyone had this question before: what color suits you?
Red, pink
Black, dark colors
Blue, any type of blue
2You were holding a flower and someone runs into you and runs away. The flower is now in pieces, what do you do?
Ignore the person
Cry or go pick up another flower
It's just a flower, so it wouldn't matter.
Do you know how much money, I had spend on that?!
Run after the person and beat him
3You find a wallet carrying 10 hundred dollar bills, you?
Walk away with it
Leave it, it's not worth my time
Walk away
Find the owner or put in a lost in found place
Deciding whether or not to take it
4It happens to be your birthday and you were waiting at a restaurant for your family and friends to come, but sadly no one does. What do you do?
Gets extremely mad
Wait for a few more minutes, maybe they were in a traffic
Sit there while looking out the window
Stay until I finished eating
Sheesh what a waste of money, at least I've got something to eat while waiting in here
5You find a lost kid crying in the park, you?
Help him out... maybe I'll might get a reward
Ask if he's lost and help find his parents
Stare at the kid and walk away as if I saw nothing
Just help him
6If you were in a fight: what weapon would you use? What would you do?
Pfft. These guys don't know who they are dealing with. *pulls out a gun* Come at me!
Alright! I've been waiting to get into a fight.
Run away and call for help
If I win... I think I can get money out of this
7You're in a mysterious island and you end up finding this huge fruit, you're starving do you eat it?
I heard stories of this before, no way am I eating that
I don't know if it's poisonous
Fruit, food, same thing. *eats it*
I'm not eating that thing!
8You ended up eating the fruit, and ended up having a special ability. What is it?
The ability to be rich! $-$
The fruit didn't affect me.
The ability to have a power to stretch my body and limbs like rubber.
9Final Question: If you had the desire to be in any anime world, which will it be?
One Piece
Guilty Crown
10Okay this is the last question. Will you leave a comment on this quiz?
I don't have enough time for this

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