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Tragities in the US
Can you name all the tragic events that happened?
trivia quiz

14 planes where hijacked by terrioests. 2 crashed into the Twin Towers (World Trade Center) 1 crashed into the pentagon. 1 crashed into an open field.
Suicide bomb
2Serial Killer slaughters 17 young men and boys after a small period of time. Rapes, dismembers, and occasionally eats many of his victims before being arrested. Deaths 17 Casualties 1
Jeff Dunun
Jeff the serial killer
Jeffrey Dahmer
3An airplanes explodes in mid-air near the vicinity of New York killing everyone abored Deaths 230 Casualities 0
Flight 800
Flight 200
Flight 900
4Two angry high school students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold kill 11 students and teacher and injure 24 by bombs and bullets before turning the gun on themselves. Their motive behind the incident was to show the world how they felt.
The Columbine Massacre
High School Shooting of 1900
The High School Massacre
5A powerful hurricane rips through Florida killing 26 and leaving 250,00 homeless. It was the costliest hurricane an estimated 26.5 billion in American history
Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Andrew
Hurricane Joe
6After the racial beating of Rodney King by caucasian cops, many wreak Havoc in the streets of ________
NY riots
VA riots
LA riots
7Car bombs explode near 2 American embassies killing 223 and injuring 4100. The terrorist attacks were linked to Osama Bin Laden
Car Bombing Explodes
Embassy Bombings
Racial Bombing
8Somali rebels ambush US soldiers on a mission to end famine in Somali
Black hawk down
Black cat down
Black bird down
9A widely veiwed police chase occurs as police attempt to track down a possible suspect for the brutal murders of 2 people. To this day, no one has been convicted of the crime but strong clues all point to the ex football player __________
Joe Hamlic case
OJ simpson case
Grened Bedside cayse
10Highly intelligent Ted Kaczynski sends homeade bombs to several universities, airlines, and other targets from the late 1970's until he was eventually caught in 1996
The Unibomber
Ted Kaczynski case
The Unabomber
1139 people commot suicide beliving they would be sent up to a spaceship behind a passing Hale Bopp comet. One of the saddest and stranges events to occur.
Hells gate
Gateway to Hell
Hevans Gate

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