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He will never go away! - I cut this dude out of my life 12 years ago and ... 16 WobblyCat WobblyCat 1 mo ago
Stuff and Things and cupcakes and VIOLENCE! - Been a while since I`ve pos... 12 Krymson Boredofu 1 mo ago
Look out!!! Person describing their dreams!!! - For the past four days no... 20 1-800vertigo 1-800vertigo 1 mo ago
Dallas cownoys - I`m glad Dinucci is gone like I feel kind of bad but th... 11 HunnyDew HunnyDew 1 mo ago
I don't come here anymore - I`ve grown a lot since the last time I was he... 10 pedalmetal pedalmetal 1 mo ago
I ramble - There is often this crude feeling that I must create, even wh... 4 1-800vertigo snarf 1 mo ago
Cats and dogs - A dog once licked me in the face with a tongue the size ... 3 WobblyCat McKenzie123 1 mo ago
Almost had this account for a year - One night I was drinking Capri sun ... 5 HunnyDew Hael 1 mo ago
1st Game of the season - For me 1st Game since January 2020. Chelsea were... 1 Boredofu Boredofu 1 mo ago
Womp womp - YouThink.com when I used to log in every day in my 20s: [imag... 13 christi snarf 1 mo ago

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