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Parents: Do you have a child that looks younger or older than their actual age? 41 cszulins Puller 9 mos ago
Do you allow your dishes to air dry after you wash them or do you towel dry them? 35 TimBo557 Puller 9 mos ago
How do you eat Skittles? - With a spoon. ... 38 Kgirl928 Puller 9 mos ago
Would you want a birthday thread on YT when it is your birthday? - Nah, t... 61 elemints Puller 9 mos ago
Do you clean out the lint dryer before or after you put the clothes in the dryer? 13 porpoise Puller 9 mos ago
Do you prefer to pay for things with credit cards or cash? - I prefer to ... 75 HaroldtheBat Puller 9 mos ago
Is it 2020? - No. ... 11 peledavid16 Puller 9 mos ago
I have a ball. Perhaps you'd like to bounce it? - ahah i love that episod... 10 NaeSalangBi peledavid16 9 mos ago
HAVE YOU EVER?!? - Well?!? ... 16 thisone1 peledavid16 9 mos ago
Is it 2018? - It is not. ... 44 peledavid16 peledavid16 9 mos ago
Did you originally sign up on YT because of the questions or for other reasons? 33 HardRocks YouthInAsia 9 mos ago
Have you ever fasted? - I fast every year for Ramadan. We`re not allowed... 28 Guardian_E snarf 9 mos ago
How do you prefer pubic hair? - Hard wood, no carpets : ) ... 21 ladiesfirst9 Puller 9 mos ago
Session IPA Showdown! - I have both and I’m not sure if I should just pol... 10 amaqdrinker amaqdrinker 9 mos ago
Do you get the runs after eating Taco Bell? - I can only assume I would s... 21 Guardian_E postallbear 9 mos ago
How long should you wait before saying I Love You? - It all depends on ho... 17 LadyMarbles postallbear 9 mos ago
What will happen first - Federally legal weed or single payer healthcare? 9 snarf amaqdrinker 9 mos ago
Do you always do your grocery shopping at the same store? - No. The one ... 30 HaroldtheBat amaqdrinker 9 mos ago
Do you like getting drunk? - Only socially but usually I`m the most resp... 20 hornyguy22 amaqdrinker 9 mos ago
Are you your own worst enemy? - This question may prove your 17 TurboBronson psyndrone 10 mos ago
Can you think of any Youthink members would could make a good couple? - n... 81 raineshower BrockGrrl86 10 mos ago
Do you p*rnounce "wh" as "wh" or "hw?" - Must not be many southerners her... 17 Electric psyndrone 10 mos ago
Do you think Canada should make it illegal for US citizens going to / coming from Alaska to carry prohibited (in Canada) firearms ? 11 Abzurd jealousblues 10 mos ago
Can you drink just ONE alcoholic beverage? - I can`t drink any. ... 48 thisone1 Ruthful 10 mos ago
How do you p*rnounce "wolf?" - ``Whole-ph`` Is the way I usually pronounc... 25 Vorx psyndrone 10 mos ago

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