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Thanks for all the Fish.
Turn the lights off when you leave, will you?

You may have noticed I haven’t been around in a few weeks. I’ve been thinking about this place a bit, and why I come here, and I’ve decided that it is time to leave. I’m not saying I’ll never come by, just that it isn’t going to be my go-to place when I’ve a few spare moments anymore. The reasons are pretty simple, and it has mostly to do with respect. And here I mean my respect for others, not their respect for me.

My main reason for coming here is to interact frankly with people over why they think what they think. With people in real life, they have a tendency to hide their true thoughts because of the possible social ramifications of having to work, worship, or even be in a social group with people that might treat them differently for their opinions. It’s a realistic fear, and something I think is healthy in small doses. But people believe some weird stuff, and I’m always curious how they arrive at these ideas and why they hold to them so tightly that the facts don’t change their opinions.

When I first came to YT, the interaction was more dynamic than it is now. There were always more liberals than conservatives, that’s the nature of the internet. But now that almost all the conservatives have moved on from YT, many here seem to think there has been this change in the world and the conservatives just don’t exist. This place has become quite the liberal echo chamber. And instead of discussing why you think what you think, there is a pervasive attitude that only a complete idiot would think any differently, a real herd mentality. And that pretty much kills any spirit of rational discussion. But that didn’t stop me from trying to get people to talk about it. And there are some that do (KFL comes to mind).

I also see another long ongoing factor of the internet happening here. As it takes less and less tech savvy people in order to get to places like this, a remarkable number of not-so-terribly bright folks have access. Back in the day of newsgroups, before the graphical web, a certain degree of basic ability was required to find and participate in the discussion. Now places like this are filled text-speak and comments suited to Butthead and Beavis (ehfaq comes to mind). There are more active boob type threads here now than there were in my first 3 years combined. The guys that are regularly lauded as “great guys” are creepers trying to get the females to post body shots… and sadly they do. Yeah, I’m talking about you: BSR, pedalmetal, blindmanpb, and the like. You are just sad. And the sadness of those females trying to gain approval by posting is even greater. This degeneration is hand in glove with the descent into the high school style popularity cliques. Threads ad nasuem about “what do you think of this person, that person, or the poster above.” Didn’t you (or don’t you) get enough of that in high school? Watching pinkconverse and others try to relive that here is just heart breaking. I really feel bad for them.

So really, it is about me having lost respect for so many people here that I don’t want to come here anymore. And while I did just write a couple of pointed paragraphs about who and what, leaving is still more (for me) a disappointment in myself that I lack that respect than in any of you for your behavior.

There are a couple of things I’d like to say in closing, things some of you really need to hear. First off: most of my favorite people on this site are exactly the kind of people that I get told over and over again are the people I hate (because of the way the vast majority of interpret my views, not what I’ve actually stated it as being). This has caused me no end of amusement. I’d rather sit down and have a beer with (or have over for dinner) atheists like Davew, floordemon and AndresH or homosexuals like malletman than the vast majority of the lukewarm masses that post on YT. Yet time and again, I’m told how much I hate and/or fear “people like that”. Uh-huh, and I’m the bigoted intolerant one.

In fact the whole faith issue I find particularly interesting. I can’t count how many times I’ve been told on this site or by how many of you that I think I’m better than you because I’m going to heaven. Hilarious. I strongly believe that basis of what make it possible for me to go to heaven is that despite my faults God loves me just as he loves ALL men – that before the only judge that matters we are all completely equal in value. If I’m thinking I’m better than you, I *can’t* go to heaven. So you have to ask yourself, in who’s eyes am I better than someone else? That kind of thinking only comes from the unbeliever. It can *only* be a projection. The only possible conclusion is that you think I’m better than you and are mad at me over it. Sure, you’re practically screaming at the screen right now how wrong I am. Too bad that doesn’t change the reality. Maybe instead you should examine yourself and see if deep down, I’m not right on target.

And lastly, I must comment on the evolution debates. Getting told by someone who accepts without question that: 1. Everything came from nothing. 2. Order comes from Chaos and 3. Life spontaneously generates but that I’m the one that doesn’t understand *science* has also provided me with days of laughter. And running a close second is that the reason for all the fine tuned laws of order in this universe (see #2 above) is that there are an infinite number of universes and we just happen to be in this one. Or put another way: I can’t explain this place, so I’m going to assume an infinite number of such places and then claim Occam’s razor and science. But the creationists are the ones with the falsifiable claims issue? Look, you believe what you want to believe. Truly, that’s your prerogative. Just don’t try and tell me it is based on a scientific basis, and not an emotional preference. We’re all just trying to make sense of all this data. Misusing any method of arriving at conclusions (such as science) does more to sully the argument, and all of us, than shed light or convince others of your view.

And that’s all I ever wanted here or anywhere. Learn why someone else thinks what they are thinking. Hear something that challenges my thoughts so that I might improve my point of view, and maybe do the same for others. Get a little light, pass it on.

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