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Fly Away
Part one: The meeting; the story of Dean and Castiel. Two characters from a show, though, you do not have to watch the show to understand this piece

" Let's kill this b*tch ", he growled and took his fighting stance. Knees bent, legs shoulder length apart, knife in one hand, gun in holster. He was ready. The thunder outside was almost louder than the shot of his now silent gun. The quick jabs of lighting and loud claps that followed never seemed to stop, always crackling. It never hit the building, until of course, Dean unraveled his stance. He stood up and slid his arms to his sides, then raised an eyebrow, moving his gaze toward the man standing across from him. " The h*ll? " He muttered to him quietly " Where is the little son of a-" Dean was cut of by the stabs of lighting, striking the building. He gasped and narrowed his eyes, now enveloped in the loud noise and blanketed in the darkness. He could not see a thing, not even the small space around a bolt of lightning, when it struck. Pitch black darkness. Then, hissing added to the pocket of noise that coated the two men, Bobby and Dean. Hissing and thunder. Sparks were leaping out of the lightbulbs. Out of the wall and charging sockets. Sparks flew from everywhere, Dean could not tell. He yelped like a small puppy and jumped back, rubbing his arm where one of the fiery balls landed. Then, his eyes grew wide as one by one lights flickered on. Starting at the other end of the building, then flickering on slowly to side where Dean stood. Small clicks followed each light. Dean and Bobby's eyes were narrowed now, following this odd phenomenon. Tugging at the edge of his consciousness came a high pitched noise, barely audible to humans. It burned his temples and throbbed in the back of his head. It felt like fingernails scraping against chalkboards on his teeth. His legs crumbled under him like a baby deer's as he fell to the ground, covering his ears with his hands, so hard at his hands faded red and his knuckles, white. Suddenly , there was fragile silence, like silk, so smooth and thin, then all at once, it's chattered under the weight of the noise of wings unfurling, and Dean was blown away by the wind that the wings created.

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