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A Distant Friendship
A short story of what's going on in Christie's life.

Christie was a kind of girl that other girls get disgusted of. She was too full of herself, but she didn't mind at all. She didn't care what they say about her, she didn't care how much they hated her. They didn't know her at all. Christie had only one friend. She and Niki, were best friends. They knew each other since they were little. Niki always protected Christie, she was like an older sister.

As they grew older, they became more distant from each other. Christie didn't know what to do. She was scared that her friendship with Niki would fade away. She didn't have the guts to tell Niki what's going on? Niki was the only friend that Christie had. Their friendship fell apart when Christie turned 15. Niki never spoke to Chris, Chris couldn't keep up with Niki. Her world went upside down.

Christie felt her life fell apart. Her life was torn to pieces. She felt as if it was her fault to began with. Niki the girl, she who protected her from being bullied. Niki the girl who wanted to be friends with Christie was always there for her. Niki.. Chris knew what to do. She knew that she had to move on and make new friends. She knew that some day this would happen.

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