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Trouble maker to planet saver 2
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"I don't wanna! Don't make meee!"

"Astrid time for school and you better wear that uniform!! I don't want to pick you up again!"

Astrid pulled on her favorite ripped jeans and old black leather jacket. I don't need to wear my uniform Astrid thought I'm skipping. Astrid grabbed her favorite picture book that she had since she was a baby. Nobody else had ever heard of the super hero "the doctor" he has saved the earth thousands of times yet never asks for a thank you.

Astrid looked at her mirror. Her brown hair with red tips looked normal. She had all three earrings and her lip piercing was still in place. Astrid was shorter than normal and grew up so slowly. "I'm sixteen but look like ten!"

"ASTRID! I said get UP!!"

Astrid turned to look at the door again. Nope not today she thought. She grabbed her phone and opened her window. Her door opened as she jumped.

Falling... This feels like déjà vu ... Bend your knees! Astrid thought last minute. She landed on the ground perfectly. Her ankles hurt slightly but she ignored it as she limped slowly to the opposite direction of her school, Londens School for Misbehaved Students. Her foster mother loved the school and the school hated Astrid. So to shorten it up if she didn't go she didn't feel hated. Simple right?

I'll go to the library! She said happily the librarian never told mrs M (foster mother) that Astrid skipped school.

"Oay! I'm here! I have to return some books!" Astrid said but there was no reply. Until Astrid heard a slight ruffle of pages. "Miss G. You're scaring me!"

A large black .... Well glob threw its self at her face!

<Astride POV>

It threw its self at my face!! I couldn't freaking breath


The alien reply with a couple clicks

What?!? Did you eat miss G?!?

The alien clicked again but somehow Astrid understood. "Daughter of the warrior." She snarled "bad wolf came home to me!"

"What?!? I'm done with your crap!" I looked around the room to see a pair of scissors "I'll give you one chance! Where is Miss G.?!?"

"Oh I am miss G!" With a loud rip and cracking she formed back into the frame of an old person. "I was sent here to watch over the girl with two hearts! May I have one?" Her hand hovered over my right side.

"Sorry" I whispered as I pulled the scissors from behind my back

"You can't kill me weakling! You don't know where my heart is!"

" Oh but I do!" I walked a small circle around her till I quickly jabbed the scissors into her mid back

She let out a loud screach as she fell to the ground. I couldn't stop myself but I started to cry. "I-I gave y-you a chance!"

"He is coming! He flys in blue!!!" She closed her eyes and melted away

"I'm so sorry Miss G.!" I whispered to the ground "I'm so so sorry" I notice a small silver coin. It was in a different language but once I started to stare at it it was clear. One heart. I gaged. Ewwwwww their currency was hearts!!! HUMAN HEARTS!! I slipped the coin in my bag and walked out. I guess no more library time. I walked down to the park my second favorite place.... I wonder how many aliens really are on earth?

"Time to find out!" I said aloud

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