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A Deaf Superbowl Commercial that will only air during the pre-game show. It's of a familiar yet revised Deaf joke.
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Even you can live in a garbage truck!
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Dancing dancer without a body... You can move it around to make it dance differently.
5 comments 1.8 2,117 views

Mean kitties and how they are mean!
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News & Politics
Sad story about a 14 year old kid who died claiming a Wii as a grand prize.
11 comments 3.0 2,931 views

Want to learn how to become an evil overlord? This site is for you!
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A small collection of oddly-built houses.
5 comments 2,073 views

Simple, just pick your team and chunky will donate soup to a homeless shelter in your city.
3 comments 3.5 2,681 views

Can you defuse the bomb?
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News & Politics
Hartz products has been harming cats, and people wwant to put a stop to the Hartz production line.
5 comments 3.0 2,414 views

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