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Guy dressed as a devil plays pranks. Warning: Adult Language
53 comments 3.7 18,830 views

Try to keep the ball from hitting the sides.
75 comments 2.1 36,491 views

See how fast you are with the numeric keypad.
127 comments 1.9 46,105 views

Create your own ride! Not much of a selection in cars, though.
30 comments 2.9 33,153 views

For all of those who enjoyed the first one, here's a few more.
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You've seen the cats, now it's the dogs' turn to show how smart they are.
46 comments 2.9 27,991 views

Quizzes & Tests
Draw a house, and it will analyse your personality.
151 comments 3.2 175,925 views

Quizzes & Tests
A quick 18 question quiz that determines what mental disorder you have.
124 comments 2.5 106,362 views

You have to PAY to use this toilet. I find that funny.
28 comments 2.2 16,925 views

Get money, lose weight, answer the phone... don't forget to feed the fish!
45 comments 3.2 45,069 views

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