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Pet burial is so boring
1 comments 2.5 13,798 views
What a great idea.
6 comments 3.8 12,367 views
Can you guess who said which line recently?
8 comments 3.3 17,556 views
User created video about those who want to become college professors.
5 comments 3.8 6,333 views

A snarky way to answer questions that should obviously just be googled.
3 comments 2.0 3,875 views

Quizzes & Tests
Tons of time-killing quizzes that can go from really obvious to really difficult.
3 comments 3.8 8,974 views

It's scrabble meets tetris.
7 comments 1.0 4,441 views

Want to know whether you or someone else is more popular on AIM? Let this site calculate it for you!
8 comments 3.0 3,842 views

Think you know what is and isn't sexual harassment in the workplace?
10 comments 2.3 8,314 views

Have you noticed that a lot of men over a certain age look like Kenny Rogers?
3 comments 2.0 3,938 views

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