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You laugh because it's pathetically true.
7 comments 3.7 11,231 views
A man's hilarious conversation with his father about the infamous and obscure "face" he has drawn for 60 years.
4 comments 3.5 3,137 views
An 8 year old boy heroically defends his family and his home from a dangerous intruder.
14 comments 2.2 3,440 views
The recut trailer of Mary Poppins. Funny, yet seriously frightening.
5 comments 3.0 3,003 views
"I was engaged in one small dual with these chaps, and my mother was filled with fear . . ."
1 comments 2.7 5,196 views
It's hard to make tap dancing look cool, but these guys are pulling it off.
5 comments 3.3 3,144 views
A professional wrestler calls to the crowd for a folding chair, and the fans graciously comply.
10 comments 3.3 3,344 views
A scammer gets a serious taste of his own medicine! Lengthy read but oh-so worth it.
14 comments 4.0 4,494 views

Science & Technology
Fascinating case study describing how a young girl got pregnant from giving fellatio. Possibly NSFW.
6 comments 2.0 3,682 views
Is it a conspiracy theory? Satirical? A hoax? Or is it true?
1 comments 4.0 3,346 views

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