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People & Lifestyle
Ever wanted to join a cult?
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How long can you hold the button?
24 comments 2.7 12,752 views

Stop the tape from getting into the public's hands
20 comments 3.1 7,269 views

You know what it is, friendtest..How well do you know Koshea
7 comments 1.0 2,200 views

People & Lifestyle
A forum site similar to Yt but made for women, with forums on everything from feminism, politics, writing, and life stages, to pets and sport..
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People & Lifestyle
Check this out for all the entries submitted in the recent short story comp..
5 comments 2.4 1,355 views

Theseus (the red dot) must escape from a series of mazes. There is also a mechanical Minotaur (the black dot) in each maze. For every turn that Theseus takes, the Minotaur takes two turns.
12 comments 3.0 3,231 views

Is there anything more relaxing than catapulting a cow across a field to score points?
8 comments 3.3 3,143 views

A demonstration of home automation. Control the home of Paul Mathis, in Plano, Texas. Turn on the lights. Watch and manipulate the cameras realtime. Drive an RC Car around the house.
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Simply choose the deck and think of a question..
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