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test your knowledge about dogs
7 comments 1.7 5,023 views

try to guess which famous ad slogans are based on these samples of fake computer code.
19 comments 2.4 3,895 views

take a quiz to find out which deadly sin fits you best
50 comments 3.0 14,698 views

flash game where you throw a football through a moving target
5 comments 2.5 4,613 views

this is just a goofy cartoon about a chicken who wears a rat mask.
6 comments 3.3 2,510 views

who doesn't know what a rubik's cube is?? here's one you can play with online.
9 comments 3.3 2,220 views

Multi-player games, community areas, and online versions of popular television game shows like Family Feud, To Tell the Truth, Name that Tune, and Match Game...
10 comments 2.7 4,267 views

People & Lifestyle
Y?, the first and only site of its kind, gives you a way to ask people from other ethnic or cultural backgrounds the questions you've always been too embarrassed or uncomfortable to ask them.
8 comments 2.4 1,370 views

funny, poorly drawn pictures.
3 comments 2.2 2,492 views

flash cartoons and other shtuff.
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