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A dude takes acid for the first time and goes to the westminster dog show.
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The internet was made for things like this.
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AC/DC meets Ghostbusters.
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These guys make great mash-ups (including Thunder Busters).
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Come for the funny song. Stay for the dude with the ants in his pants and you'll be rewarded with randomness.
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I don't think that you could possibly understand that insanity that is michael jackson. Maybe none of us can.
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Yakko does it again, from the Animaniacs, Yakko explains the universe.
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You got nothing on yakko's intellect.
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Tiny Toons music video for They Might Be Giants Particle Man. Enjoy.
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You remember Tiny Toons... You remember this skit. Now You Tube has it for your very own satisfaction.
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