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Shake your face hard and get someone to take a picture of you.
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Some site with alot of funny/weird things.
4 comments 2.0 1,341 views

Click the color keys to see what happens.
4 comments 2.5 1,502 views

Use the pop-up menues to change Mr. Bush's face.
3 comments 2.8 1,199 views

Makes desired websites blurry.
4 comments 2.5 908 views

Very strange but simple slash addicting game, use the hammer to chop the heels down.
3 comments 3.3 1,348 views

Funny, yet random ways to order a pizza.
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People & Lifestyle
See how many calories you burn doing your favorite exercise or activity.
8 comments 3.2 5,539 views

News & Politics
A website of Free Fiona, an international organization campaigning to Sony for the release of Extraordinary Machine.
9 comments 1.6 3,477 views

Seeing is eating. If you're on a diet or whatever and get cravings, look at the delicious food, sometimes it works.
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