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Arts & Literature
Features over 50 great "under ground" songs, they come from fairly unknown bands, and as a bonus have great cover art.
3 comments 2.5 1,195 views

News & Politics
Place bets on who the next Pope will be.
4 comments 2.5 5,940 views

All of the weird combinations of cop partners you can immagine.
6 comments 2.5 1,301 views

Guide the bubble through the mysterious cave. It has a very interesting intro.
12 comments 2.1 10,463 views

The Hedgehog Game- Catapult the hedgehog to the goal
2 comments 2.0 758 views

A fun little frog game
12 comments 2.0 9,147 views

Click the egg song in the top right corner
19 comments 2.7 6,083 views

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