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People & Lifestyle
Really convenient for all kinds of groups, my house council meetings are organized this way.
1 comments 2.1 1,827 views

A site for believers in the paranormal, and a pooling of any evidence
4 comments 2.7 11,300 views

A woman, seriously putting out personal ads, got all these terrible responses and decided to create a website for them.
7 comments 2.4 13,422 views

Fill out your own playlists, comment on others, and rejoice in the creativity of mixing playlists.
4 comments 2.4 1,851 views

Photos from the trial of Saddam formed into a story about a game of rock paper scissors.
14 comments 3.3 6,263 views

Arts & Literature
Sort of like "Where's George" for books, release your books and see who finds them!
4 comments 2.4 2,121 views

Science & Technology
Looking for the perfect photo to insult someone or bump a thread? YoSassy collected these photos just for you.
16 comments 2.5 10,914 views

Type in your name and pick your core values, then you get you brand name!
18 comments 2.4 7,617 views

The name kind of explains it, crazy weird things on the internet.
12 comments 1.8 10,257 views

I don't even know if this is a joke or not, but there are details on how to be saved by these alien cats when the Earth is destroyed.
9 comments 2.2 4,758 views

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