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Press the space bar to jump the coaster.
11 comments 3.8 17,964 views
Morph two celebrity faces in to one. (Image is Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)
5 comments 4.0 4,774 views
A webcomic created and written by a 5-year-old and drawn by his 29-year-old brother.
14 comments 3.3 5,780 views
Switch between Mario and Tetris gameplay to complete each level.
8 comments 2.7 5,178 views
A flash recreation of the very popular video game. Use your portal gun to solve puzzles.
1 comments 3.5 4,789 views
Fun throwback to classic 2D games. Shoot all the enemies and try to collect all the coins.
3 comments 4.0 4,328 views
I walk in to 7/11 and this is what I see. Seems a bit late in the game, though.
1 comments 4.0 2,907 views

Well made side scrolling RTS-style game. Fight in trench warfare as either the British or the Germans.
3 comments 4.0 3,082 views

Hurl rocks at castles using your catapult and defeat the targets inside. You can even create your own and share them.
8 comments 3.6 5,880 views
Stack blocks without them falling in this simple yet addicting game.
21 comments 3.5 27,931 views

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