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Hilarious voiceovers accompany these clips from nature documentaries.
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Celebrity scandals aren't new -- here are 9 ranging from the good old days of 1901 - 1953.
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Quizzes & Tests
This quiz tests to see how much you relate words and numbers to different senses (Synesthesia).
17 comments 6,512 views
Statistics website ranging from the world population to 'Cumulative hours waited for web pages to download this year'.
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A selection of prank calls made by an eight year old girl in Dublin. Very funny, especially the school demolition one.
5 comments 2.8 3,942 views

Anjelah Johnson talks about how Latinos are very family oriented.
4 comments 1.7 2,355 views

Stand up comedy about getting your nails done at a salon. Very funny!
3 comments 2.7 3,834 views

A site comprised of 5 min how-to videos on a variety of topics. Upload your own, or watch one and learn something new.
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This is a episode of Bananas in pj's with words bleeped out. Warning: *May* not be entirely PG13. (Language)
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Selection of very clever, sometimes mind-bending and intriguing black and white photographs.
5 comments 2.5 1,788 views

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