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Because Nyan Cat was so 2011. F11 (fullscreen) is your friend here.
4 comments 2.0 10,799 views
Collection of funny signs from gay marriage supporters.
16 comments 3.5 15,130 views
Buddy Greene brings down the house with the humble little instrument.
9 comments 3.0 7,871 views
I'm on a horse.
20 comments 3.1 6,490 views
This isn't a concept image. This IS Great Britain right now. It is a bit nippy, I must say.
9 comments 3.0 3,969 views
Freddie composes something better than most artists have managed in recent times with a session drummer and pure talent.
2 comments 2.0 3,533 views

A hilarious comic that describes the confusing events of World War II by using countries as characters!
1 comments 3,888 views
A relaxing, addictive and musical flash game. A lot of fun when you're bored.
7 comments 3.0 3,184 views

From the boys that brough you "Jizz in my Pants" comes their new hit single!!
3 comments 2,914 views
James Blunt makes an appearance on Sesame Street, and sings about a lost love with three sides.
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