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Extreme close-ups of snowflake crystals, taken through a Microscope.
8 comments 3.6 4,523 views
Somewhat interesting list of some weird happenings.
5 comments 3.3 6,820 views
With friends like this, who needs enemies?
17 comments 3.6 7,665 views
A simple spelling lesson.
17 comments 2.8 3,476 views
An Italian singer performs a song whose lyrics are intended to sound like "What English Sounds Like to Foreigners".
19 comments 4.0 14,954 views
This is supposed to be the "Holy Grail of breakfast cookiedom". That's not what I think it looks like.
6 comments 3.3 3,938 views
These candies are "the grossest of the gross, but beware—they may make you lose your appetite."
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News & Politics
Newly published photographs of the aftermath of MLK jr's shooting.
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People & Lifestyle
A man travels around the world, dancing with the people.
3 comments 3,204 views
Brain teaser game. Try to guess the combination.
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