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Award-winning short film by Matthew Long about victorian-era kids who encounter an alien squid artefact.
4 comments 4.0 3,477 views
my blog's collection of fake ghost photos from the 19th and early 20th century that are creepy just the same.
2 comments 2.0 9,509 views
Delightfully crazy kid spoofs Glenn Beck and performs a comedy song.
1 comments 4.0 3,480 views
A nice bit of motivational splicing by video artist Omer Fast.
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That's one brutal alarm cock.
3 comments 4.0 3,104 views
A good example of conspiracy theories taken to the nth. degree.
7 comments 2.7 6,751 views
Visual representation of Taylor Mali's poem, lamenting & lampooning the decline of intelligent verbal skills.
4 comments 2.8 3,124 views
The first film version of the classic. (silent, 9:32 mins)
7 comments 3.5 3,310 views
Take this quiz to see if you can tell the difference.
4 comments 2.8 13,789 views
Two words: Michael Bay.
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