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A website to remember
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Nature imitating body parts and mating
1 comments 6,773 views
Photos of some very unique and extravagant dog houses.
1 comments 4.0 2,964 views
A collection of some of the strangest fish tanks you'll ever see.
1 comments 4.0 2,824 views
X-rays of people that got some strange items caught inside their body
1 comments 3.0 2,940 views
A very small sample of some of the interesting and strange items acquired by the Smithsonian Institution.
1 comments 4.0 2,364 views

Mr. Burgers episode 3, Wendy's the W. B-burgers.
1 comments 2.5 1,690 views
Scary but true story about a five-year-old girl living with cows. The only way she can communicate is by mooing.
1 comments 805 views

Here's a list of world's ugliest celebrities. Some people, no matter how rich and famous their are just really ugly.
1 comments 756 views

Here's a collection of photos of macro image series of what's happening meanwhile, in America.
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