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Collection of some cool photos of celebrities with their dogs. Dogs are really best friends.
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When you see a good photography, you know you have seen it. In these photos are celebrities...
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Aging gracefully is not everybody's style. Looking at the photos of Jackie Stallone, Stallone's mom, now and than.Horror
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Magazines, fashion, television is twisting our image of how woman should look like.
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Losing weight is a process and it takes time as well as a lot of strong will, pain, exercises, proper food and support.
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This is nothing to be surprised with. This is one of the oldest jobs. This is the list of some famous prostitutes.
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Despite technology and human activity, there are a surprising number of communities around the globe.
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Mugshots from 1800s looked way cooler than ones today. When I look at these photos it makes me wonder ...
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Photos of soldiers from around the world in combat.
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TFor all those who are designated drivers. A little bit of Photoshop, just to show people how funny they look.
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