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Who ya gonna call?
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Kim Kardashian's fame is disappearing. Since she has no talent at all I am not surprised. Can't sing, can't act...
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Clips from lots of movies put together to produce the song.
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List of the most amazing rides. I know you want them! From Aston Marin to Batmobile and Wonder Woman's Invisible Ride!
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Here you will see bad guys and their movie twins. You must admit that similarities are more than obvious.
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Check out how big is the change of the famous womanís magazine Cosmopolitan covers from 1896 till now.
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Here's a collection of super awkward photos of fans and celebrities from Twitter. Check it out, it's funny. Enjoy.
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A completely normal commercial for ice cream.
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Ever wondered what actual size was Godzilla? Find out much more from behind the scenes of Godzilla movie .
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Here's a collection of the most amazing photos from 2012. Check them out, it's worth it. Enjoy.
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