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What to do when you're bored

Despite technology and human activity, there are a surprising number of communities around the globe.
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Mugshots from 1800s looked way cooler than ones today. When I look at these photos it makes me wonder ...
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List of the most amazing rides. I know you want them! From Aston Marin to Batmobile and Wonder Woman's Invisible Ride!
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There are some disadvantages and difficulties when being short. But still there are many good sides in being short.
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The Olympics is every athlete dream. This is the most prestige sport event. Kisses and tears are all over this event.
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These animals are pretty damn good musicians, and this is something I can never say about that poor little girl Beiber.
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Photos of soldiers from around the world in combat.
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TFor all those who are designated drivers. A little bit of Photoshop, just to show people how funny they look.
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Photos of beautiful women Alexa Vega who showed up for the first time on big screen in movie "Spy Kids".
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People & Lifestyle
35 common words or phrases that have become an official part of the English language.
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