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Pics From Gothic Festival in Germany

20 comments 3.3 15,505 views 8 years ago in Weird/Silly
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Pics From Gothic Festival in Germany - Can you imagine a world where everyone is goth?

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Wednesday 5/26/10 - 3:45:38 AM
Wave-Gotik-Treffen means "the meeting") is an annual world festival for "dark" music and arts in Leipzig, Germany.
Wednesday 5/26/10 - 2:46:48 PM
Little-known fact: the goth's only natural predator are eyebrows.
Wednesday 5/26/10 - 4:07:55 PM
well, that was the widest definition of goth I've ever seen.

Anyway, it looks great i think.
Wednesday 5/26/10 - 4:27:33 PM
The guy in the red nurse outfit is looking around like, "I think I'm at the wrong convention".
Wednesday 5/26/10 - 5:00:39 PM
that was just weird. I really like the last pic though
Wednesday 5/26/10 - 5:20:46 PM
Most of those people are a good examplas of how goth can be horribly tacky, if overdone. (Especially the makeup). I thought a few of those outfits were cool, though (like the couple going for the Venetian Carnivale thing, and the steampunk guy at the end)
For the descriminating goff.
Wednesday 5/26/10 - 5:50:39 PM
Going to the gothic party, Nosferatu's our host...
Wednesday 5/26/10 - 6:54:11 PM
I loved the guy in the red nurse's uniform
Wednesday 5/26/10 - 10:13:51 PM

YESYESYES i've been looking for this picture forever.
some of these costumes are pretty f*cking amazing, not gonna lie.
Thursday 5/27/10 - 12:58:50 AM
idk why but I want this hat

and these shades

and her :D

Thursday 5/27/10 - 5:10:05 AM
I think I heard something on the news here they were celebrating atheism, I'm not sure, though.
Thursday 5/27/10 - 5:54:47 AM

Totally the bad guy from Hellboy, or similar at least.
Thursday 5/27/10 - 5:56:03 AM
On Thursday 5/27/10 - 5:54:47 AM Custom_hobo wrote:
[image] Totally the bad guy from Hellboy, or similar at least.

it's like he's saying "what the hell? polyester? I ordered f*cking leather gloves!"
Thursday 5/27/10 - 10:20:27 AM
Wow... that's just... wow... I'm going to have nightmares for a MONTH!
Thursday 5/27/10 - 11:20:37 AM
Some of these people are not goth. Some are just dressed up, or have some fetish.
Thursday 5/27/10 - 12:34:26 PM
not gonna lie some of these costumes were awesome i liked some but others not so much...
Thursday 5/27/10 - 7:11:40 PM
I choked in disgust, laughed at the nurse guy and stared in wonder all at once!
Thursday 5/27/10 - 9:41:57 PM
Since I lov dishing on alt. fashion, here are some more gothy pics for your viewing pleasure:

(The faboo Prince Poppycock, musician/performance artist/modern-day glam rock aristocrat)

These are courteousy of the fashion section of, the best blog EVAR.
Thursday 5/27/10 - 10:35:09 PM

This is also a good site for eye candy (angst-im-wald), they do really amazing photos for various 'dark' bands like Asp.

Thursday 5/27/10 - 10:35:39 PM

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