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The Liberal Test

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The Liberal Test
Find out how liberal you really are!
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Friday 3/26/04 - 4:13:10 AM
I had to guess at most of these because I'm British...
Friday 3/26/04 - 6:34:38 AM
Quiz is purposely biased against Liberals. I am a Libetarian (not to be confused with Liberal). Scary how many people got Comunist on this quiz. Got:

Friday 3/26/04 - 7:10:17 AM
Friday 3/26/04 - 7:29:49 AM
Gee, do you think this is a conservative site? The obsession with Clinton borders on craziness...
Friday 3/26/04 - 7:33:18 AM
I am not a liberal I believe in Democracy not socialism or communism
Friday 3/26/04 - 1:47:07 PM

Friday 3/26/04 - 2:36:50 PM
I didnt even bother finishing the stupid quiz. The answer choices are so obviously stupid. Needless to say, I can say I am very liberal, without taking this quiz.
Friday 3/26/04 - 3:01:11 PM
I didn't like most of their responses. You can tell where the spin is here. It said I'm an independant.
Friday 3/26/04 - 3:08:36 PM
I think this quiz was written by Michael Savage and Ann Coulter's deformed love-child.
Friday 3/26/04 - 4:09:35 PM
Can we, um, say radical conservative? I mean, these guys simply hate liberals, and the books on the right easily show it. I can't say I'm exactly liberal, but I am more left wing. The're talkin bout liberals bein communists, but their the one's that wanna go on a friggin genocide.
Friday 3/26/04 - 4:09:51 PM
btw, i'ts also callin me a commie...
Friday 3/26/04 - 5:28:14 PM
eastside - I think you're confused.
liberal mindsets are "communist" compared to conservative ones because they tend to favor distribution of the wealth. Liberals are being compared to the communist economic system, not to evil communist dictators.
Friday 3/26/04 - 10:35:10 PM

Saturday 3/27/04 - 12:39:29 PM
Saturday 3/27/04 - 1:02:19 PM

These two cracked me up:

Twice the average rate, because I hate rich people (Other than myself, that is).

Extra-marital sex and drug use are matters of public scrutiny if you run for governor of California as a Republican, but are private matters if you are a Democrat who is President of the United States.

Saturday 3/27/04 - 1:04:09 PM
That site was nationalistic to the point of fascistic ideology.
Saturday 3/27/04 - 2:47:09 PM
In english, Sal...
Saturday 3/27/04 - 4:20:58 PM
Yeah, I found this quiz on also didn't agree with many of the options IS a very conservative site.
Saturday 3/27/04 - 4:25:10 PM
Hey Sal, want to try to fit more big words into your sentence to sound even smarter?
Saturday 3/27/04 - 4:26:22 PM
OOh, I got a good one: Your prose is almost as dense as your head! Ok, it was lame.

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