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The Liberal Test

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The Liberal Test
Find out how liberal you really are!
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Saturday 3/27/04 - 5:30:05 PM
Now, now, let's calm down, kids. We don't wanna start any beef...
Saturday 3/27/04 - 6:31:16 PM
You guys should start listening to lyntess for a while.
Sunday 3/28/04 - 5:17:08 PM
What the drattady-dratting hell??? Being libral makes you anti-democrasy??? Drat that poo.
Don't think too hard Scuzzy. Here it is in little tiny words for you.

"That site was nationalistic to the point of fascistic ideology."

That site sees its idea of America, and its idea of what America should be, as being so much better then all other ideas, such as liberalisum, that it thinks those ideas should be opressed and destroyed.

Monday 3/29/04 - 2:30:31 PM
Exactly wut I wuz about to say. And rufio, wut the hell is lyntess?
Monday 3/29/04 - 4:52:15 PM
I'm practically communist.
Tuesday 3/30/04 - 8:45:29 AM
i am democrat, almost commie to you i think you are a redneck consarvitve who is married to his mom.drat you you son of a bitch
Tuesday 3/30/04 - 11:56:41 AM
Lyntess is a member of YT.... stupid newbies.
Sunday 4/11/04 - 9:16:32 AM
Ted Kennedy thinks I'm liberal.
Sunday 4/11/04 - 9:16:37 AM
Sunday 4/11/04 - 1:42:01 PM
I am an independent...which is okay I guess...but its better than being either conservative or liberal..i think both groups suck
Thursday 9/30/04 - 12:39:44 PM
Thursday 9/30/04 - 1:36:54 PM
Biased test much?

I got independent.


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