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Neverwet [Video]

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Neverwet [Video] - Spray this on your clothes (or whatever) and they will never get wet.
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Wednesday 12/19/12 - 11:20:47 AM
Maybe she applied her estrogen cream to the wrong place.
Wednesday 12/19/12 - 11:47:28 AM
All I'm saying is that I could have used never wet on my thighs so I wouldn't have had to full on shower this morning (I showered last night pre coitous) and I could have just soaped up my balls and been on my way.
Thursday 1/3/13 - 1:12:04 AM
Thursday 1/17/13 - 2:38:03 PM
This stuff was on a tv program here a few weeks back and they explained how it works. It's one of those really-simple-idea-but-really-hard-to-ac tually-do deals.
Thursday 1/17/13 - 3:32:22 PM
I want to do an infomercial for ALWAYS WET
Wednesday 2/11/15 - 8:22:40 PM
On Thursday 1/17/13 - 3:32:22 PM theBSR wrote:
I want to do an infomercial for ALWAYS WET

I'm in!

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