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Cat Lover's eHarmony Profile [Video]

32 comments 3.0 58,162 views 10 years ago in Weird/Silly
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Cat Lover's eHarmony Profile [Video] - She's cute, but I think this cat thing might be working against her.

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Monday 6/13/11 - 3:48:20 AM
On Sunday 6/12/11 - 9:07:51 PM shortone_ wrote:
...This could be the start of something truly, truly evil....

Or something that only went viral because of how stupid it is
Monday 6/13/11 - 6:13:22 PM
I think it seems fake and I thought I heard laughing in the background. Either way, it got her hits so now she's known to be single forever. Congratulations.
Monday 6/13/11 - 7:06:36 PM
On Saturday 6/11/11 - 4:35:11 PM reb0rn4never wrote:
Something about her mouth and tongue really bothers me when she talks.

Yeah, as if she's wearing a retainer and not trying to make it obvious.
Thursday 6/16/11 - 11:55:25 AM
It is pretty obvious she was faking crying. This video isn't real.
Friday 6/24/11 - 3:39:55 PM
On Saturday 6/11/11 - 6:53:46 PM lightzeaka wrote:
She needs to get a dog. A big mean dog.

I second that!
Friday 6/24/11 - 3:42:44 PM
I didn't hear laughing but that's probably just cuz I got so bored. She is so annoying I stopped watching like halfway thru -.-
Monday 6/27/11 - 10:43:05 AM
WOW! She really likes Cats.

She's pretty hot. And I like Cats too . I would go out with her.

But I'm probably too young I don't know. I'm a senior in high school.
Wednesday 7/6/11 - 9:38:19 PM
LOL that's really funny, how she gets all emotional every time she thinks about cats
Saturday 7/9/11 - 2:03:38 PM
On Wednesday 7/6/11 - 9:38:19 PM Latios wrote:
LOL that's really funny, how she gets all emotional every time she thinks about cats

Hey thanks for pointing that out, we didn't notice it when we watched the video.
Tuesday 7/12/11 - 10:15:35 AM
Tuesday 7/12/11 - 10:54:15 AM
^^I snickered.
Thursday 7/14/11 - 12:39:50 AM
On Sunday 6/12/11 - 2:11:02 PM dacash wrote:
At 2:21, someone apparently snickers in the background. I think this is a hoax. Maybe I'm just hoping it is a hoax.

I thought that too.

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