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6th Grader Performs Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi"

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6th Grader Performs Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi" - Note to 6th grade boys: check out the girls in the background swooning.
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Tuesday 5/11/10 - 9:38:27 PM
Watch as 6th grader Greyson performs Lady GaGa’s “Paparazzi” at his school’s Festival.

And he's only like 12

Wednesday 5/12/10 - 5:13:31 AM
Can't belive that voice comes out of that kid....

Wednesday 5/12/10 - 5:16:43 AM
One of the girls looks like she's death staring him.
Amazing voice for a kid that age!
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 9:12:32 AM
Christ almighty! What an amazing voice!

That kid's going far.
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 11:22:10 AM
I'd hate to be the kid that does the following act.
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 11:22:39 AM
Wow, that kid is REALLY good
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 11:36:37 AM
Wow, he's super talented! He's posted videos of songs that he's written himself too.
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 12:24:39 PM
Jesus Christ.
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 1:18:09 PM
Natural born talent.
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 1:31:31 PM
Holy crapola.
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 5:20:40 PM
So am I the only person who didn't like this?
his piano sucked

i mean, he played well, but for this song and his style sucked
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 5:26:07 PM
yea idk why you guys are dying for this....he's totally out of tune and starts and stops at random spots...very off and weird
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 5:42:41 PM
it's not so much about the piano bit. more like, he can sing damn well for his age
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 6:06:56 PM
Screw the piano, he's arranged and played an accompaniment that many couldn't ever manage, then sung over it. He's 12, FFS.

And good singing isn't just correct timing and pitch-perfection; the attack and release of your phrases, your expression and where you sing from are just as important.
Just because he's not always in perfect tune, he has a brilliant sense of vocal tonality, something that many popular artists have to really train for.

Again, he's 12, FFS.
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 7:09:50 PM
Welllll he looks older than 12 he has a good voice ive seen better that are youger.
Wednesday 5/12/10 - 10:14:29 PM
no one cares about your opinion.
Thursday 5/13/10 - 9:36:33 AM
Pretty impressive. It's a shame he'll hit puberty soon and will have to learn how to sing all over again.
Thursday 5/13/10 - 10:26:55 AM
Thursday 5/13/10 - 4:26:26 PM
Holy sh*t, that kid was awesome.
Thursday 5/13/10 - 11:49:57 PM
Its a very hard work to play the piano and sing at the same time, he have a very nice voice, pretty cool boy :D

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