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Amazing Propaganda Posters

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Amazing Propaganda Posters
``You can`t beat the Axis if you get Venereal Diseases`` and other American, Soviet and Nazi posters.
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Friday 12/22/06 - 2:40:48 AM
"You can't beat the Axis if you get Venereal Diseases" and other American, Soviet and Nazi posters.
Friday 12/22/06 - 3:34:15 AM
You mean the governments use propaganda?
Friday 12/22/06 - 4:00:14 AM

Possibly a very controversial subject so I'll tread particularly lightly.. but I like it. I'll say as much as that. Interesting to look back and see real history that's definitely still affecting us to this day. Frankly, I wish some more modern of those posters were still up. Sends the right messages.
Friday 12/22/06 - 4:14:57 AM
If you've ever studied History, Fine Arts and Design (or any of the three) You'd be giggling at how genious these are.

I'm Against Hitler, what he's done, and i am NOT Raciest or Anti Semite, But the Hitler Carrying A Flag one, is amazing, It just Bursts with glory and might, Keep things simple. Then you see the American "I wish i where a Man i'd Join the navy BE A MAN' JOIN THE NAVY", You can see that it attacks Males at there Balls (Today's Equivalant would be - GROW SOME BALLS! JOIN THE NAVY!" Calling the men cowards for not being in the millatary, While the Nazi's Spin on it is Glory and Might. VERY VERY intresting.

Friday 12/22/06 - 4:20:35 AM

Well, if anyone knows anything about Hitler they'll know he 'was' praised as a leader. In fact, he was an -awesome- leader.. until he started, you know, committing genocide.

I'm sure people have taken that online quiz in email and that's been floating around blogs about which 'president would you elect'. Hitler's the one with the 'clean, strong background'.

((And I killed Beethoven. <.< Sorry, just personal beliefs!((Same quiz))

They are brilliant. Whoever gave it a one (when I first saw it) needs to be, well, shot. ^.^ In my humbled opinion.

Friday 12/22/06 - 4:25:05 AM
lol, yeah, We took that Quiz in History Class, Did you guys know Hitler was A Die hard vegetarian, and Could not watch anything die? - He was.

It was reported by one of his Guards Stationed in his summer house, That one day he walked in And Saw a bouquet Flowers on his desk. He asked the Said Soldier / guard, What are those and what where they doing tehre, he responded it was a gift from Eva, He the Stormed out fo the rookm and asked for them to be removed. Allthought I have my doupts on the flowers story, I know he was vegan. 9Told by a Professor who studied for 40years, so its reliable)

Friday 12/22/06 - 4:45:15 AM
nazi's.. properganda.. posters... governments.. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz *jumps awake* i wasnt sleeping :| honest

Friday 12/22/06 - 4:52:44 AM

I apologize for speaking above you, bubblebubb. Go back to sleep, you were appearing to be a much more worthwhile human then. ^.^
Friday 12/22/06 - 4:59:25 AM
"GEE!! I wish I were a man" - Priceless
Friday 12/22/06 - 8:41:55 AM
they forgot peta & the news media
Friday 12/22/06 - 9:19:45 AM
well it would have been nice to have this for my *worked 2 months on* WWI/WWII project...
i needed propaganda but only found about 3 posters

ahh oh well i liked this. i like to look at the unique and creative ways governments use propaganda on the public
looks like they did a good job

Friday 12/22/06 - 1:33:43 PM
Propoganda's always knocking about. I always look at the source just to be on the safe side.

And never trust sky sports news!! lol

Friday 12/22/06 - 2:55:28 PM
The Nazi poster of Hitler is mesmerizing, as I assume it was intended to be.
Friday 12/22/06 - 7:10:14 PM
i,too, am also am against Hitler, Nazis, etc, im American, im not a racist, but i thought the one that says "Long Live Germany" and the one that says "LIBERATORS" were pretty good ones.
Friday 12/22/06 - 9:21:36 PM
How recent was that North Korea poster? It scared the poo out of me when it said recent...
Friday 12/22/06 - 9:38:23 PM
It's true, you can't fight the axis with VD. I've tried many times. Oh, and yeah, I agree w/ Overmann, that nazi poster makes hitler look pretty cool.
Saturday 12/23/06 - 5:32:36 AM
"Mercilessly, we will humiliate and destroy the enemy!" Intense. Clever, though, how it shows Hitler tearing up the non-agression agreement between Germany and the USSR.
Saturday 12/23/06 - 10:46:48 AM
No matter how much you try and deny it, Hitler WAS a good leader. He did wonders for Germany's economics. He was an amazing man. He just had the wrong idea; but if you think about it, the fact that he managed to order the killings millions of people before being stopped is pretty amazing.
Saturday 12/23/06 - 9:57:29 PM
"Gee!! I wish I were a man, I'd join the Navy. Be a man and do it."
Monday 12/25/06 - 10:07:19 AM
peta needs to die, stupid pro animal junk. and as much as people hate to admit it hitler was a very good leader till he hit up on the anti-semite tangent. and if there can ever be a human leader that cannot be corrupted like ALL OF THEM ARE communism is the best b/c everyone has whats needed no one would want for anything

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