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Amazing Old Pictures in Color

60 comments 3.7 36,231 views 12 years ago in Arts & Literature
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Amazing Old Pictures in Color
From 1872 and after, including WWI, WWII and the Russian Empire.
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Friday 12/15/06 - 8:35:49 PM
That was reallt interesting
Friday 12/15/06 - 10:51:41 PM
WTF! Disgusting pictures!!!! Nazis, terrorist and war? I do not want to see it black and white nor in colour! FCK!
Friday 12/15/06 - 10:59:18 PM
That's pretty neat! Yay photoshop! :D

And AVDPhoenix, search the internet for pictures for fourteen seconds and you will find more disgusting pictures than those.

Saturday 12/16/06 - 12:31:11 AM
<I>And Hitler, gosh he looks nice, I always thought he was green skinned and had purple hair! My bad!</I>
That's just his human form.
Saturday 12/16/06 - 2:37:55 AM
Interesting.. that technique the Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii guy used with three color filters was used by some guy who posted on the internet about making their old Game Boy Camera take color photes if I remember correctly. =)
Saturday 12/16/06 - 3:00:09 AM
WTF people? It's clearly NOT photoshopped or tinted, or did you not bother to read the captions?

And I thought that was amazing--I had no idea color photography was that old.

Saturday 12/16/06 - 4:37:52 AM
I'm impressed. The war photos looked like they could've been taken last week (except for the dated uniforms, etc).
Saturday 12/16/06 - 9:49:22 AM
they are all real you idiots.
Saturday 12/16/06 - 9:56:17 AM
colour photography was experimented with 100 years BEFORE World War II.

heres the explanation and dont be such idiots it makes my head hurt.

Click Bitch

Saturday 12/16/06 - 9:59:25 AM
WTF! Disgusting pictures!!!! Nazis, terrorist and war? I do not want to see it black and white nor in colour! FCK!

its history, its not like its promoting nazi' my friend need a swift beating.
It amazes me how mentally retaded people can be.

Saturday 12/16/06 - 10:01:40 AM
Doesn't seem believable. If color photos were around in the late 1800's, then shouldn't our technology of photography be so much more advanced?


how more advanced do you want it to be? explain?...?

Saturday 12/16/06 - 2:01:06 PM
saint liberty wrote: "Colour photography was invented in the 1930's so some of them have to be fake, the WW2 could be real but more than likely photoshopped."

People, do your research! Color photography has been around since 1861 and was developed for the market in 1907. Or do most of you people just like making stuff up as you go along?

Saturday 12/16/06 - 3:59:12 PM
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i got an error...can someone help me????

Saturday 12/16/06 - 6:22:41 PM
I got the same error...
Sunday 12/17/06 - 3:13:09 PM
These are awesome. They make the pictures look like they are from the 60's.
Monday 12/18/06 - 5:47:35 PM
Sometimes I scan old photos and then saturate them in Photoshop. If you do it enough, the photo starts to become colored. Still, you end up with garish, shocking colors.
Friday 12/22/06 - 4:34:27 PM
That is truly amazing.
Wednesday 12/27/06 - 4:54:45 AM
wow it was really strange to see these old pics in colour

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