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Computer Bed

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Computer Bed
Short on space? Combine your desk and bed.
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Monday 11/27/06 - 8:12:36 PM
Short on space? Combine your desk and bed.
Monday 11/27/06 - 11:08:16 PM
Neither look like they would be very functional, but a fun idea
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 2:13:33 AM
that would be cool but id rather just get one of those bunk beds with the little room underneath the top bunk
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 2:39:38 AM
"Available in twin only at $2079. "

Yeah. Why not build your own for a fraction of the price? -.- Dosn't seem that complicated to make.

Tuesday 11/28/06 - 2:50:44 AM
Lets assume this is product is not specific to kids... I would NOT hop into bed with my girl on that thing, especially not one I made myself...

Ill stick to good old solid mattress to boxspring to floor.

Tuesday 11/28/06 - 3:01:24 AM

Good for dorm rooms where you have limited amount of space

Tuesday 11/28/06 - 3:31:19 AM
Does it work for a desktop PC+monitor+keyboard+mouse+external hardrive+external modem+printer/scanner+speakers+all the wires???
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 7:38:03 AM
That thing is so freaking tiny! How is anyone supposed to fit in there?
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 9:00:28 AM
good idea.. but a little dodgey....
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 9:06:42 AM
A bit too utilitarian for my taste. If you're really that short on space, wouldn't a laptop make much more sense?

/likes his pillow top queen size matress...
//also likes his personally designed, hand-built bedrooom furniture...
///also likes slashies!

Tuesday 11/28/06 - 9:35:06 AM
We couldn't tell HillbillyGuy... it's not obvious at all...
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 9:42:50 AM
Oh god.. this is real?? I thought it was gonna be a joke!

If you have a spare $2000 dollars flying around to consider buying this thing, wouldnt it be easier to put the money into renting a bigger flat?? o.O

Tuesday 11/28/06 - 9:50:42 AM
With the computers nowadays that would be useless. For example, my computer (Dell XPS 600), is way too large to fit on that. Also they have a laptop as the display, keyword: lap!

Anyway, the idea is awful.

Tuesday 11/28/06 - 12:48:10 PM
The idea is good for people that don't have a large amount of space. Dorms, apartments...other than that nothing. It's ugly, expensive considering what it looks like and kinda pointless. It doesn't appear stable (though it probably is). I wouldn't recomend it. You can build something nicer yourself for a lot less.
-end interior design major's rant-

//I too like slashies!!

Tuesday 11/28/06 - 1:07:06 PM
looks fragile
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 4:33:08 PM
I do all things I should do on my desk on my bed. Well, there you g o.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 4:34:37 PM
I almost really, really wanted that. It looks convenient. That is, until I saw the price.

Does anyone honestly buy those? I mean, if you have that kind of money to buy something like that, why would you be living in a place with limited room?

Everything on that site looks like it could be purchased at WalMart for $50 o_o They do look neat and they are interesting concepts, I'll give it that.

Tuesday 11/28/06 - 4:44:14 PM
thats pretty cool. but HillbillyGuy is right, a laptop would be much easier if you have limited space...
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 4:58:02 PM
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 4:59:47 PM
Mani-Jac, good point, there is no way all my pc stuff fits there. Besides that it seems like a good idea for dorms or wierd anal people that like everything clean and tidy

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