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Computer Bed

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Computer Bed
Short on space? Combine your desk and bed.
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Tuesday 11/28/06 - 4:59:51 PM
They look really cool, and I would consider buying one if not for the rather prideful pricing and some impracticality.
I agree with aloha, I'd rather just have a bunk bed with a constant, useful space underneath it, except for my ever-irrational paranoia of the top bunk collapsing on my head, or falling from the top bunk into the space below.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 5:05:42 PM
its an awesome concept and i am going to look into building one. its a nice way to have people over and not look like they are sitting in your bedroom. and i really like the sofa one because then its very practical. but it would only be convenient if you live downtown and rent on a one room apartment is in your best interest rather than commute.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 5:12:35 PM
It's like they make a live commercial a person sits on the bed and breaks. That would be funny.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 5:34:16 PM
Um, did anyone look at the other ones to the left? A single bunk bed, eh? lol, I like the twirly bed thingy :) The computer bed thing is stupid though lol, you can get things basically like this from sears for much cheaper.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 7:01:53 PM
The couch bed looked cool, but it was 2000. Bring the price a wee-bit lower and I'll consider it! :D
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 7:02:01 PM
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 7:46:07 PM
I'm this thrilled ---->
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 7:47:13 PM
haha, just kidding! I find that pretty neat.
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 8:06:23 PM
woow..i like it
Tuesday 11/28/06 - 10:40:26 PM
i dont even think it would work well with a PC, cables arent you're friend
Wednesday 11/29/06 - 12:23:16 AM
kind of cool..but wouldn't your computer and all of your stuff slide around when you raised and lowered it? Even if the desk part does stay horizontal, looks unstable to me..
Wednesday 11/29/06 - 2:26:00 AM
Doesnt look like the comfiest of matresses.
Wednesday 11/29/06 - 7:44:45 PM
Lo quiero.
Wednesday 11/29/06 - 8:44:26 PM
The bed looks too small and short to be very comfy, in my opinion. Also, what would happen if it fell on you in the middle of a typing session?
Thursday 11/30/06 - 1:08:32 AM
I'm sorry, but this look effin awesome.
Thursday 11/30/06 - 4:03:11 PM
love it
Saturday 12/9/06 - 1:19:27 AM
for 2000 bucks, why don't you just rent a bigger apartment, eh?

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