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10 Coolest New Gadgets

37 comments 3.2 28,551 views 13 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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10 Coolest New Gadgets
Including a $9 MP3 Player and an Inflatable Massage Chair.
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Friday 11/17/06 - 1:25:14 AM
Including a $9 MP3 Player and an Inflatable Massage Chair.
Friday 11/17/06 - 2:23:06 AM
first post again i love the canvas speaker its awesome
Friday 11/17/06 - 2:23:20 AM
Friday 11/17/06 - 2:32:13 AM

Damn, I want that massage chair.

Friday 11/17/06 - 2:33:09 AM
hummm, all quite useless...
Friday 11/17/06 - 3:05:13 AM
did the meaning of cool change? it must have...
Friday 11/17/06 - 3:40:18 AM
I'm Sorry But Most Of Them Were Pretty Ghey.
Friday 11/17/06 - 3:46:37 AM
... Need credit-card-mobile-phone-keys-thing...
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:10:12 AM
Yeah, that multifunctional card thing pretty much rules that list. The $9 mp3 player is pretty nice too, but those memory cards it uses are not cheap.
I liked the comment about the orb clock thing, about it getting lost when a cat plays with it or something.
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:12:05 AM
The phone looked pretty good.
Friday 11/17/06 - 6:35:54 AM
I bet in the future... everyone will have the creditcard/phone/keys/lifecontroller
Friday 11/17/06 - 8:27:18 AM
Some of those were cool.
Friday 11/17/06 - 8:38:13 AM
I like that car desk.
Friday 11/17/06 - 8:52:05 AM
Problem with the multifunctional card is that if you lose it or someone copies your fingerprints, you're screwed 10 times over.
Putting all your eggs in one basket is just a really bad idea.
Friday 11/17/06 - 11:02:24 AM
every time this is done, there's always a new way of carrying and iPod. tsk tsk
Friday 11/17/06 - 12:09:12 PM
What's with the orb clock description?

Like it being able to easily get lost is a good thing? Nerdssssss.

Friday 11/17/06 - 12:09:23 PM
I know what you mean
Friday 11/17/06 - 1:12:18 PM
Wow! Loved the credit card. And the desk.
Friday 11/17/06 - 1:19:37 PM
who's Gad, and what does he get
Friday 11/17/06 - 1:37:19 PM
Those things are always cool, I want every one of those (well not really, but they are all cool).

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