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10 Coolest New Gadgets

37 comments 3.2 28,635 views 13 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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10 Coolest New Gadgets
Including a $9 MP3 Player and an Inflatable Massage Chair.
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Friday 11/17/06 - 4:01:38 PM
If I had a Multifunctional Credit Card and I lost it. OMG, I'd start panicking so much. It would be the most valuable thing of mine.
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:03:58 PM
duuuuude... timesphere... awesome... and the benQ was kinda cool. i liked them all though.
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:10:32 PM
cool stuff, where can I get that mp3 player?
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:13:11 PM
Sanj Raihal - 06/13/2006 5 of 5 Stars!
Will How much for the wife?? and also how much is this "destroyer of wives" gadget and where you get one. Im hoping to replace my girlfreind with this card as it doesnt talk back :P

This made me giggle for some reason

Friday 11/17/06 - 4:16:35 PM
$9 mp3 player.
$50 SD Card.
Friday 11/17/06 - 8:08:33 PM
Mini desk is cute.
I want a 9 dollar Mp3 player.
Friday 11/17/06 - 9:33:21 PM
it looked cool, but i was too lazy to read them..
Friday 11/17/06 - 11:47:03 PM
Friday 11/17/06 - 11:47:12 PM
now thats ghetto
Saturday 11/18/06 - 1:46:37 AM
"first post again i love the canvas speaker its awesome"

you havent figured out that people f-ucking hate when you do that yet have you?

and those are all cool

Saturday 11/18/06 - 5:08:57 AM
the speakers the chair and the desk wear all of a plogram where a couple were renavating a barn into a house

the mini desk really was a mini he chopt the top of and filled it in with plastic to make the desk bit

Saturday 11/18/06 - 6:13:50 PM
Saturday 11/18/06 - 6:51:50 PM
The site won't work. *curses*
Saturday 11/18/06 - 6:55:27 PM
Now it works!
Saturday 11/18/06 - 7:08:22 PM
Not bad.

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