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20 Craziest Scientific Studies

34 comments 3.0 41,391 views 13 years ago in Science & Technology
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20 Craziest Scientific Studies
I guess what they say about big feet isn`t true.
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Friday 11/10/06 - 1:54:11 AM
I guess what they say about big feet isn't true.
Friday 11/10/06 - 2:02:51 AM
note to self don't listen to country music...will want to kill self
Friday 11/10/06 - 2:17:47 AM

"...and one patient's remarkable ensemble collection consisting of spectacles, a suitcase key, a tobacco pouch and a magazine. "

Must have been a frat boy...

Friday 11/10/06 - 3:05:09 AM
Country and suicide eh? I knew there was something rotten about country.
Friday 11/10/06 - 3:30:46 AM about freaky, heard of the philadelphia experiment? People vanished and got stuck in walls....its true!
Friday 11/10/06 - 4:02:36 AM
It is giving me an error and it is not allowing me to see it :(

Can anyone please be kind enough as to take a screen shot and post it? Please? I really want to read...

Friday 11/10/06 - 4:27:09 AM
Broken! :,(
Friday 11/10/06 - 4:27:11 AM
^^^yeah Im getting the same error =(
Friday 11/10/06 - 5:02:39 AM
me too!
Friday 11/10/06 - 5:14:06 AM
Server Error in '/' Application.


Friday 11/10/06 - 6:43:23 AM
Friday 11/10/06 - 6:44:28 AM
errors shall be dwarves in the next life. that'll teach 'em
Friday 11/10/06 - 6:50:58 AM
Nice server error
Friday 11/10/06 - 8:12:08 AM
i see it up again
Friday 11/10/06 - 9:02:57 AM
heh funny!
Friday 11/10/06 - 10:53:08 AM
Chickens prefer beautiful humans? -___- No wonder my mom's rooster died.
Friday 11/10/06 - 11:58:37 AM
"The Effect of Country Music on Suicide"
Was the conclusion of that study that people who are forced to listen to Country Music all day long will eventualy kill themselfs?
Friday 11/10/06 - 12:49:50 PM
Friday 11/10/06 - 1:47:36 PM
I heard of a Biology professor having done his dissertation on the bacteria that exist on sheep vaginas. More power to him, I say, for expanding our (albeit sometimes trivial) understanding of the natural world.
Friday 11/10/06 - 2:26:52 PM
sheep don't have vaginas
only humans do
you fail that class

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