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20 Craziest Scientific Studies

34 comments 3.0 41,333 views 12 years ago in Science & Technology
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20 Craziest Scientific Studies
I guess what they say about big feet isn`t true.
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Friday 11/10/06 - 3:55:35 PM
^ Want to bet?

And what class are you referring to?

Friday 11/10/06 - 5:38:54 PM
Friday 11/10/06 - 7:51:06 PM
I've never been more shocked, confused or amused...
Friday 11/10/06 - 7:51:15 PM
All at once...
Friday 11/10/06 - 9:07:57 PM
How does one get a jeweler's saw in their rectum? ...nevermind.
Saturday 11/11/06 - 12:32:49 AM
Secret Life: Firsthand, Documented Accounts of UFO Abductions» (1992) Presented by J. Mack (Harvard Medical School) and D. Jacobs (Temple University).
Concluded that people who believe they were kidnapped by aliens from outer space, probably were, and that "the focus of the abductiOn is the production of children."

haha, really?

Saturday 11/11/06 - 11:54:25 AM
Saturday 11/11/06 - 7:02:44 PM
Wow, people who think they have foot odor do and people who don't think they have foot odor don't thats an amazing conclusion. You never would have though. Love the one about country music though.
Sunday 11/12/06 - 8:49:55 PM
«A Man Who Pricked His Finger and Smelled Putrid for 5 Years»

)- ...

Monday 11/13/06 - 1:44:06 PM
you must have small feet.
Thursday 11/16/06 - 4:38:45 AM
passing an STD through a doll, WHO THE HELL CAME UP WITH THAT!?! I bet it was a pissed off lady scientist
Friday 11/17/06 - 4:08:41 PM
^probably a lady scientist trying to convince her husband that that's where he got the STD

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