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10 Weird Science facts you didn`t know

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10 Weird Science facts you didn`t know
Animals can naturally explode.
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Thursday 11/9/06 - 11:18:36 AM
YAY ANIMALS GO BOOM, all make sure to tell this to every one I know, and maybe one day teach my dog to do it on demand
Thursday 11/9/06 - 11:21:52 AM
i knew most of these already
Thursday 11/9/06 - 12:10:01 PM
"Humans can also explode, though mostly as a defense mechanism and more popularly in the Middle Eastern region of the planet. Yea... bad joke."


Thursday 11/9/06 - 12:12:59 PM
Good one Overmann :P

andd that belly button picture is disturbing..

Thursday 11/9/06 - 12:48:30 PM
The fuetus thing bothers me O_o'
Thursday 11/9/06 - 12:50:27 PM
A significant population of toads in Germany and Denmark were exploding in April 2005 in an act described as a self-defence mechanism that failed, as it consisted of puffing up to look bigger while under attack by crows.


Thursday 11/9/06 - 1:45:52 PM
I thought you said facts I DIDN'T know? ^_^
Thursday 11/9/06 - 2:25:27 PM
I agree with Overmann, it can not rain animals. To have it rain animals you must first evaporate one and let it condens.....

hmmmm, I could try to evaporate my neighbours dog.....if it doesn´t condens and forms a dog, who cares...

Thursday 11/9/06 - 3:37:36 PM
I knew the last two and the sea horse one is VERY WELL KNOWN
Thursday 11/9/06 - 3:40:15 PM
What was a dead sperm whale doing in Taiwan streets?
Thursday 11/9/06 - 3:46:31 PM
Male seahorses can't get pregnant. Like some animals, they change their sex (yup, go from male to female (I'm not sure if this happens multiple times)) so, when it's a female it gets pregnant, when it's a male, nope.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 4:00:42 PM
i knew three
Thursday 11/9/06 - 4:10:52 PM
Matwix: there are some animals that change sex (e.g. clownfish) but seahorses are not one of them: it's just that with seahorses the male is the one that carries the developing fetus.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 4:12:11 PM
must have a pretty horny coffin
Thursday 11/9/06 - 4:13:50 PM
I've heard of a couple of those... this one was interesting:

It is expected that in 15 billion years, the orbit will stabilize at 1.6 times its present size, and the Earth day will be 55 days long equal to the time it will take the Moon to orbit the Earth.

Thursday 11/9/06 - 4:30:11 PM
i only knew the last one. and the fly larva one.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 4:38:02 PM
It is actually recorded that once in wales it rained fish. (or, more correctly, fish fell down from the sky.)
Thursday 11/9/06 - 5:20:47 PM
Hey, I actually knew quite a few of those. And I agree-QI does rule.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 5:41:16 PM
I thought that the earth was gonna be engulfed by the sun in 6 billion years, does this make sense?
Thursday 11/9/06 - 6:00:40 PM
Well, I knew about the raining animals, exploding animals, fetuses inside their twins (saw a special on it, it was gross), pregnant sea-horses, moon drifting away, maggots healing wounds, Angel Lust, and... I think that's it. 7/10? I think that's pretty good...

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