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10 Weird Science facts you didn`t know

65 comments 3.2 45,141 views 13 years ago in Science & Technology
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10 Weird Science facts you didn`t know
Animals can naturally explode.
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Wednesday 11/8/06 - 10:15:32 PM
Animals can naturally explode.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 2:16:42 AM
You can still have an erection once dead, duh... has anyone ever seen clerks?
Thursday 11/9/06 - 2:30:07 AM
I knew all of these, except the belly button lint. If that lint stinks when decomposing then why does it need "no correction?" Wash those navels, people.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 2:50:01 AM
Wow the dancing one is insane.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 3:02:14 AM
Knew a few of them but informative none the less...
Thursday 11/9/06 - 3:04:46 AM
I knew most of these... Comes from watching QI i guess.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 3:08:09 AM
yes i did
Thursday 11/9/06 - 3:26:50 AM
Nice. The dead erection was funny and so was the animal explosions. The Fetus thing was sick....
Thursday 11/9/06 - 4:31:37 AM
Thursday 11/9/06 - 4:36:31 AM
Hm, I Only Knew Like 1, So It Was Interesting For Me.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 5:07:36 AM
Most of them are true, but there are one or two that really are just popular myth.

The raining frogs, fish, and birds thing is just a natural thing that happens when they are picked up by a hurricane or whatever. Like in Twister, when the cow gets picked up. When it falls down, these guys would say that it had been rained down.

Thursday 11/9/06 - 5:48:46 AM
'Cosmic Latte'
I saw that at my local B&Q the other day.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 8:59:31 AM
Our Earth day will be 55 times as long in 15 billion years, huh? So if humanity survives that long, we're going to need to migrate to other planets or something, because our planet would be fried.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 9:19:14 AM
yay for the bloody whale, i couldn't even begin to imagine the horrible stench from that
Thursday 11/9/06 - 9:40:10 AM
"You can still have an erection once dead"
What everyone should know.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 9:49:00 AM
A whale exploded on the streets of Taiwan? Cool!
Thursday 11/9/06 - 9:50:55 AM
The navel thing was new to me and the erection I knew. Goodie, I feel smart!! Oh yeah, I failed my math exam :( crap now i feel dumb again.
Thursday 11/9/06 - 10:13:55 AM
"The existence of navel lint is entirely harmless, and requires no corrective action."

Thank God, what a relief.

Thursday 11/9/06 - 10:58:47 AM
QI rules! lol

What's with the crap explaination of the moon thing? It randomly mentions tides and then goes on about how the earth is slightly oblong. Am i missing something?

Thursday 11/9/06 - 10:59:26 AM
"Animals can naturally explode."

Humans can also explode, though mostly as a defense mechanism and more popularly in the Middle Eastern region of the planet. Yea... bad joke.

I knew most of these scientific facts, although I dispute the skies can actually rain animals. It's not possible.


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