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10 Coolest Lego Creations

43 comments 3.1 33,693 views 13 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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10 Coolest Lego Creations
Including a Bluetooth Lego Car and a Lego Lie detector
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Saturday 11/4/06 - 1:23:49 AM
Including a Bluetooth Lego Car and a Lego Lie detector
Saturday 11/4/06 - 2:11:26 AM
Cool, lego rocks :)
Saturday 11/4/06 - 2:14:42 AM
I'm very interested in the "LEGO Difference Engine". I wish they would have made a demo for that one instead of a remote-controlled car.
Saturday 11/4/06 - 2:15:09 AM
I liked the Air Conditioner. I could just see the box now; "Some assembly required"
Saturday 11/4/06 - 2:17:14 AM
The USB drive was cute. I might make one.
Saturday 11/4/06 - 2:22:45 AM
Remember, its made with LEGO, not Legos.
Saturday 11/4/06 - 3:01:12 AM
A lego CD thrower? is that really neccessary? cant you throw your own cds?
Saturday 11/4/06 - 3:24:53 AM
flashing at the beggining of the bluetooh car got annoying... and the video was waaay too long...
Saturday 11/4/06 - 4:00:16 AM
It wasn't throwing cds, it was throwing an arrow, it should have been called lego arrow thrower
Saturday 11/4/06 - 5:12:24 AM
^ yeah by Lego CD thrower I assumed it would be throwing CD's. I thing Lego Crossbow would be a better title though...
Saturday 11/4/06 - 6:36:11 AM
a lego harpsichord!? thats so cool!
Saturday 11/4/06 - 7:58:26 AM
It never occured to me that Pantera could have anything whatsoever to do with Lego. Boy was I wrong.

And that first video, I don't know why they bothered to race at all, clearly the car was waaaay faster than the mouse.

Saturday 11/4/06 - 7:59:37 AM
perhaps it was the wrong video....still very cool, would have been even better if the arrow (or quarrel, as they say in cross-bow lingo) was actually made of lego too.
Saturday 11/4/06 - 8:00:11 AM
I saw a really cool knitting machine once and a savage interactive pong game!
Saturday 11/4/06 - 9:44:19 AM
annoying music on first video.
Saturday 11/4/06 - 10:35:51 AM
pretty sure that computer keyboard isnt made of lego
Saturday 11/4/06 - 11:28:52 AM
it wasnt pantera, it was sepultura, and the song was refuse, resist. they don't have poo to do with LEGO either, but hey GET YOUR poo TOGETHER MANG!
Saturday 11/4/06 - 11:30:45 AM
hot damn!
Saturday 11/4/06 - 11:46:55 AM
Saturday 11/4/06 - 11:49:43 AM
hehe, Yumiii's right.
I'd like the USB, it's creative.
I also liked the Lie Detector *Calls Girlfriend*
and the pinball machine.
Next step, the LEGO BEERBOT! hehe

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