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10 Coolest Lego Creations

43 comments 3.1 33,692 views 13 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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10 Coolest Lego Creations
Including a Bluetooth Lego Car and a Lego Lie detector
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Saturday 11/4/06 - 12:04:57 PM
^No, it's pissbricks. Remember?
Anyway, those were cool.
Saturday 11/4/06 - 12:28:05 PM
the first video was really annoying.
Saturday 11/4/06 - 12:44:26 PM
In the cd thrower one I was hoping that can would explode... xD
And yeah, the first video was too long.
Saturday 11/4/06 - 12:52:46 PM
Haha I love it...^^
Saturday 11/4/06 - 12:58:20 PM
im making this stuff in school we learned lego mindstorm programing and we are building stuff like that car and otherthings but mines programed to play basketball theres state a compitition called robohoops at penn state my bots gunna kickass
Saturday 11/4/06 - 1:03:00 PM
actually its not made of lego at all :P, its not called "lego", thts the name of the company that made the little bricks... ;), but whatever, call em lego , and remember there are no LEGOS!!!

oh yea, and i made a controllable webcam out of my mindstorms kit that was controlled over the internet, was awsome.. might build it again (if i can find my mindstorms disks :()

Saturday 11/4/06 - 1:09:53 PM
SOME PPL have no live
Saturday 11/4/06 - 1:11:56 PM
some people also dont have a life
Saturday 11/4/06 - 1:31:04 PM
the car and crossbow were awesome, but why was the usb thing on there? it just had a usb thing glued to the inside of a carved out lego...
Saturday 11/4/06 - 2:06:23 PM
ive seen better
Saturday 11/4/06 - 2:11:47 PM
The crossbow was the wrong video, I saw the cd one on a different website, actually it might have been posted here. I don't remember being as impressed by it as I was with that crossbow though.
Saturday 11/4/06 - 2:41:32 PM
i like legos.
Saturday 11/4/06 - 5:23:56 PM
Cool, I was wondering about lego pinball machines earlier today :O
Saturday 11/4/06 - 5:45:23 PM

Why didnt I think of all those 5 years ago?


Saturday 11/4/06 - 6:39:04 PM
wow that harpsichord sounded like garbage
Saturday 11/4/06 - 11:25:56 PM
Poo-poo Lego car, CD's...; it's all about the Lego HARPSICHORD. And look Overmann, they're playing your signature song!
Sunday 11/5/06 - 1:04:58 AM
The a.c. unit was pretty cool, some of the others were okay.
Sunday 11/5/06 - 3:31:24 PM
Actually, the harpsichord sounded quite good.
Monday 11/6/06 - 1:13:46 AM
A LEGO flash-drive!! Why didn't I think of that??? *kicks self*
Friday 2/2/07 - 8:02:14 PM
Coool!!!! That piano thingy looked cool. I want the lego vending machine!

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