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Mark Fox and Lil Markie

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Mark Fox and Lil Markie
This gets a little creepy when he starts singing in the little kid`s voice.
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Sunday 10/22/06 - 9:15:15 PM
This gets a little creepy when he starts singing in the little kid's voice.
Sunday 10/22/06 - 11:26:50 PM
W T F was that?
Monday 10/23/06 - 2:17:30 AM
Monday 10/23/06 - 2:19:00 AM
"I am fearfully and wonderfully made."

Is this guy clinically retarded? And was that a christian religious song? And people wonder why christianity is getting "attacked."

Monday 10/23/06 - 2:21:25 AM

By your logic, the worst examples are indications of something's value? So we all deserve to die because Hitler was a murdering SOB? Or all dogs deserve to be put down because that Pitbull down the street bit somebody? Sure.

This dude's harmless. Who cares what he does or believes. More power to him, I say.

Monday 10/23/06 - 2:26:59 AM
I think it would be impossible to accurately convey to you people just how much I was pissing myself with laughter. Silly fat religious american.
Monday 10/23/06 - 2:28:14 AM
ooooah, make it stop, make it stop
Monday 10/23/06 - 2:29:01 AM
wut a gay guy.
Monday 10/23/06 - 2:30:45 AM
Well, HE seems to be happy that God created him, but I'm not sure the rest of the world's 6.5 billion people would agree.
Monday 10/23/06 - 2:30:56 AM
That childs voice sounds... so... familiar.... Like that talking fetus from one of LazyBoy's animations.... er... but yea, I couldn't stand the whole song... It made me laugh WAY too much.
Monday 10/23/06 - 2:32:09 AM
It was something funny for the kids, nothing is wrong with this. Its pretty funny...that is an actual verse. Its not ridiculous either. The verse comes from Psalms 139:14 and it says I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. This verse is beautiful because it showed that God made us unique and with love, so much that he made us wonderfully and fearfully. The word fearfully here is the Hebrew word yare which means moral revere. So its not bad, it might seem childish to you but its just fun. God wants us to smile and enjoy life. Its no worse than the immature stuff on SNL (which i like to watch). WEll I have a kappa sigma fraternity test to study for and History 1020 in the morn. God Bless
Monday 10/23/06 - 2:42:33 AM
I hate mullets.
Monday 10/23/06 - 2:53:14 AM
Fearfully I understand, but WONDERFULLY made? 'Bout as wonderful as John Candy ala Castrato. And NostraNigga, do you have a preminition of my EVERY post tonight, so as to precede it with one of your own?
Monday 10/23/06 - 3:04:22 AM
I know, we're all dying to be a sacrifice of praise, 'cause all our days are planned and god exercises mysterious powers of genetic engineering once we have been put into the womb. Interesting. So ChristMarine, and you can PM me through YouThink if you wish, but wouldn't god planning the pregnancy of every individual impede their free-will, since mate selections are usually made by choice (uninfluenced by god), and even worse are the ones that are not (god orchestrates rape or incest that results in pregnancy)? Can you just clear this one up for me? And good luck with your frat test, hope you aren't put into any 'sinful' positions at the hands of savage men!
Monday 10/23/06 - 3:15:07 AM
Oh, and to be fair, this is an instant classic for me. "When I was made in Secret [shhh] you saw me ebb and form..." So which is it, did he make you in secret with your mommy, or did your mommy make you in secret from your daddy? Still-born heaven. It's where all the good babies go, before they've had a chance to be baptized (Catholic) or sin (protestant)! See, if we just kept ALL people in this level of ignorance for their whole lives, then everybody'd be going to Heaven, for they wouldn't have known to ask for forgiveness, nor that they were sinning! God PLANTED that fruit of knowledge in there on Purpose, I KNOW it! Sadistic Bastard...
Monday 10/23/06 - 3:16:05 AM
WTF! that IS creepy.

with a baptist upbringing i saw stuff like this all the time. he was just trying to make it interesting i think. notice no one in the audience was laughing. i hated this stuff as a kid and hate it even more now.

Monday 10/23/06 - 3:21:38 AM
i think he is possesed. when he did that voice it was like moking god. he was pretty much making fun of god. you can see it in his eyes when he looked up.. a false prophet he was a demon or something..
Monday 10/23/06 - 3:59:28 AM
...well nothing religious wise is as bad as that last link with the jesus freak kids crying and wearing war paint and such...

...Anyone think lilo and stitch when they hear him?

Monday 10/23/06 - 4:15:28 AM
I was expecting the crowd to laugh when he started that "little Markie" voice, but they just sat there in silence. Maybe they were embarrassed to be in the same room with him; I know I would be.
That voice reminded me of the cartoon Howie Mandel did..."Little Howie," or something like that?
Monday 10/23/06 - 4:53:47 AM
^^ I thought of Little Howie too, I think it was like Little Howie's Fun House or something like that.

Personally, I despise religion. God is the root of all evil. For halloween I am going to school dressed as the anti-christ. Have to love being grade twelve, I can get away with murder^_^


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