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Agency makes breaking up easier

38 comments 2.5 14,972 views 13 years ago in People & Lifestyle
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Agency makes breaking up easier
A total wuss can pay the Grim Reaper of the dating world.
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Tuesday 9/26/06 - 9:56:44 PM
A total wuss can pay the Grim Reaper of the dating world.
Tuesday 9/26/06 - 11:27:41 PM
Wouldn't it be easier to just say "we're through" or something like that really fast and hang up before they got a chance to reply?
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:18:51 AM
Nothing says "I'm over you" more than a bill.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:21:27 AM
This is rather queer. (as in strange)
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:21:52 AM
wat kind of stupid idea is that?
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 2:54:39 AM
Does he also do stuff collection? This can be quite handy for my future ex's
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 3:58:57 AM
Frankly, I'm surprised no-one's thought of it sooner. Breaking up is usually one of those things people feel they have to do themselves; but if it's too difficult, why not hire someone to do it for you?
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 4:43:57 AM
^^especially if the other person is abusive or a jerk.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 4:43:58 AM
Wow...this is the ultimate cop out
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 5:27:53 AM
Now they need to make an agency that hits on chicks for you.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 5:58:55 AM
im crap at braking up with people...i reallyy hate it when they cry..i never kno what to do when guys cry especially in that sort of situation =/
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 6:30:13 AM
^ Start going out with real men.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 7:40:17 AM

I can see it now:
Woman: *picks up phone* Hello?
Terminator: You're dumped.
Woman: But I don't know you!
Terminator: You're still dumped.

Wednesday 9/27/06 - 7:59:50 AM
Wow...some people will hire anyone to do even the basic tasks...hey thats an idea...who wants $20 to blow my nose...
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 8:07:38 AM
Man, people are cowards. That's awesome.
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 8:09:16 AM
Wow, I wonder if he makes a lot of money?
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 9:02:00 AM
Dump her through an email. Is that too personal for you?
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 9:32:52 AM
Wish this had been around 16 years ago...the wife would have been SOOO dumped!
(Damn! She heard me...!) 'Just coming,My Sweetness...! The dishes...? I'm just about to do them...'
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 9:50:48 AM
Damn, that suck ass... Want to dump someone? Do it your self!
Wednesday 9/27/06 - 10:43:41 AM
Pathetic. Gutless. Sickening. But not surprising.

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