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Hunter vs. Deer

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Hunter vs. Deer
Not really a fair fight.
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Sunday 9/17/06 - 2:43:09 AM
I agree with Master Tomboy. It's kind of like that truck commerical that has the fisherman waving a bass in front of a bear and end with the cleshay line. "I could no longer call my pal fred my right hand man."
Sunday 9/17/06 - 8:51:29 AM
Thank god. One for the animals!
Monday 9/18/06 - 12:28:15 AM
Tuesday 9/19/06 - 5:12:17 PM
If anyone here has or does say some bullpoo about hunting being in anyway good, then you are sick and twisted. Humanity has no right to express it's power by killing other living things, it's sick, degrading and wrong.

As for the video, go deer, you kill that drating hunter, he deserves it.

Thursday 9/21/06 - 9:13:01 PM
OMG the guy thought his GUN was a SHIELD..... Just look how he's useing it when the video starts!!!! What an idiot!!! Don't go hunting again man!
Friday 9/22/06 - 5:46:50 AM
everything dies sooner or later. when it does, something eats it. so, all you vegetarians out there, refusing too eat meat won't bring it back to life, and remember, every bean shoot you've ever eaten has taken sustenance from dead animals in the soil.
Thursday 11/2/06 - 8:01:30 PM
Someone just got owned.

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